Sustainable Art

Art Materials

My small prints and business cards are all made from recycled materials. 

My original paintings are done on yupo paper. Yupo is a 100% recyclable and synthetic paper created from the extrusion of melted plastic with no threatening ozone-layer emissions. While yupo paper itself can be recycled it is yet to be discovered if it can be produced from recycled plastic.

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In my art business I attempt to reuse as much as possible. Sometimes paintings does not work out as intended. Instead of throwing them out and waste a lot of time, ink and paper, I try to repaint them. Some of my best paintings have been created from redoing failed paintings.


 In my attempt to become more sustainable, I have recently decided to become as sustainable in my packing procedure as possible. My packaging materials are made from recycled cardboard and paper. I also use cellophane bags instead of plastic bags to protect my small paintings and prints. Cellophane is derived from celloluse, usually from wood, but can also be produced from cotton or hemp. In contrast to plastic, cellophane is 100% degradable.

If you would like to know more about where I get my packaging supplies from, you can follow the link below

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