Material List

Tim Holtz Ranger Alcohol Ink


For my paintings I use alcohol ink mixed with 95% isopropyl alcohol. One of my preferred brands is Tim Holtz Ranger alcohol ink. They come in many different colours and the quality is amazing. 

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Yupo paper


Yupo paper is a 100% synthetic paper perfect for alcohol ink. When you work with alcohol ink it is important to work on a non-porous surface. Yupo paper does not absorb the ink and it is therefore possible to move the ink around to create interesting textures. 

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Uni Posca Pen


I love working with Uni Posca Pens. The coverage of the pens are amazing. Posca pens are water-based pigment ink and works well on most surfaces. In fact, it is the only pen I have had success with on yupo paper.

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Pinata Alcohol Ink Gold


I often add gold to my paintings. The Pinata gold is amazing and adds just that bit extra to aan alcohol ink painting.

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Heat Gun


I use a heatgun to create a rippled effect in my alcohol ink paintings. The heat both moves and dries the ink at the same time, resulting in beautiful ripples 

Copic Ink


My other preferred brand of alcohol ink is Copic Ink Refills. Like Ranger Alcohol Ink, Copic has a wide selection of colours and provides outstanding results. 

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