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Hi, and thank you for stopping by JulieMarieDesign

I am Julie Marie, the artist behind JulieMarieDesign

I am a self-taught Danish artist and Art Therapy student currently living in the Blue Mountains, NSW with my partner and our son. I grew up in a small countryside community in Denmark, where my love for nature and colour began. Growing up surrounded by nature and an extremely creative family has had a major impact on my artist identity. 

In my art practise I focus on the intuitive and fluid  process of art-making. As an art therapist trainee I believe in the inherently healing experience of creating art. Art can contain that which can not be put into words. My art practise has taught me how to let go of perfectionism and trust in the process. 

Inspired by my beautiful surroundings here in the Mountains, my artworks are fluid and organic exploration of colour and nature. 

I currently have 4 collections available: the Floral Collection, the Abstract Collection, the Coral Collection and the Botanical Collection.


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33 Meeks Crescent, Faulconbridge New South Wales 2776, Australia